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Auction Surplus Tucson

This auction has ended.

Auction starts 11-30 and ends 12-5 at 7:15 pm.


Location: 3600 S Palo Verde Suite 110

Tucson, AZ 85713

Preview Weekdays from 10-3.

Pick up - Thursday December 6 from 10-4, Friday December 7 from 10-4, and Monday December 10 from 10-4.

If you fail to pick up items between these times and days your items will be considered forfeited and NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.  

Credits Cards on file for winning bids will be charged at the end of auction. 

$1.00 credit card authorization will be processed at the time of your first bid. This hold will be released within 3 business days after the auction has closed.

Payment will be online ONLY.

Winning bidders are fully responsible for the removal of their items and will need to bring any tools/people needed. 

There is a 13% buyers premium for this auction

All items are sold AS-IS unless noted otherwise. Items are untested unless marked as tested/working.

Map & Preview:

Weekdays from 10-3

The following are the terms and conditions which apply specifically to this catalog:

Pick up - Thursday December 6 from 10-4, Friday December 7 from 10-4, and Monday December 10 from 10-4.

Auction Surplus Tucson Terms & Conditions

All items are sold AS-IS unless otherwise marked in the item description. This means all sales are final.

Winning bidders will have the credit card on file charged automatically once an auction closes. 

There is a $1.00 preauthorization fee placed on your credit card on file once you place a bid - this will last the length of the auction and up to three business days following the close of the auction. This $1 charge will be returned to you within 3 business days of the auction's end. It is here simply to make sure you registered with a valid credit/debit card that can be charged once you win an auction lot. We do not keep this money. 

At this time we do not offer shipping. All items must be picked up in store within the time frame listed in each auction's description (the yellow bar at the top of the page) and the email receipt of your approval to bid. Items not picked up within the time frame listed are forfeited and will be resold.

We charge 6.1% sales tax on each item sold (Arizona and Pima County Sales Tax).

There is a 13% Buyers Premium charge on each item sold.

Although we do our best, occasionally technology fails. Not everything is within our control. We will do our best, but if something happens while bidding (i.e. your internet goes down or your computer self-destructs), the auction will continue.

Stock photos on any items/lots are for demonstration/display purposes only. NOT ALL ITEMS ARE NEW OR IN PERFECT CONDITION. Please be sure you read all descriptions and look at all pictures before placing a bid. 

We offer and encourage previewing all items (you can come down and physically view the item) weekdays from 10-3. 

There are 3 ways to bid:

1. Click the green "Bid" button. This will increase the current bid based on the next bid increment. Please note that if another bidder has entered a Max Bid on this item, you will not be the highest bidder unless you surpass their max bid.

2. Save a Max Bid amount. A Max Bid means the computer will bid for you up until your maximum bid amount is reached or exceeded. You can save a Max Bid for the maximum amount you are willing to pay for that item. IMPORTANT - to save a Max Bid, type the amount and THEN click the Max Bid button. You can increase or decrease your Max Bid by typing a new amount and THEN clicking on Max Bid, as long as your current Max Bid has not been reached or surpassed.

3. Enter a bid larger than the next bid increment. You can enter any amount to bid on an item by entering the dollar amount and clicking on the Bid button. PLEASE NOTE: if you enter an amount and click the Bid button, that amount will become the current bid. For example, if the current bid is $2.00 and you enter $50.00 and click the Bid button, you will have bid $50.00 on that item, NOT a max bid. You will have raised the bid from $2.00 to $50.00 and the next bid will be $55.00 according to the bid increment chart.


 If you need assistance while bidding, the fastest way to get in touch with us is through the message system on this website or by emailing us directly at Thanks!

Auction Surplus Tucson is a secondary marketplace and it is not the right fit for everyone. There are amazing deals here, but there is also risk. Items may be overstocks or returns, new or used, perfect or broken. We share what we know about each item in pictures, titles or descriptions but we don't always know, don't test most items, and don't accept returns, exchanges or offer refunds. If you have not previewed an item (physically inspected it in person) and must make an assumption about that item before bidding, assume it is broken unless the description states otherwise. Effective bidders get great deals, and many make great money reselling what they buy here, but it takes time to become an effective bidder. Please, bid with care.

Due to space constraints, beginning Dec 1, 2018, a new late pickup policy/fees will be strictly enforced. The first day you are late to pickup there will be a $3 fee. For each additional business day you fail to pick up your item(s), there will be an additional $1 added. If your item(s) are not picked up by the Friday of the following week, they will be re-auctioned and no refunds will be given. *All late payments must be made by credit/debit card. No cash. 

For more information on how this affects you, please read our site's Terms & Conditions

and Privacy Policy

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